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6 July 2020

Hi all, It is with great pleasure that I write this Captain’s report as it seems we have turned the corner on COVID 19 and heading towards recovery. Fingers crossed we don’t experience a second wave. I would like to thank the members for their support and adherence to COVID 19 guidelines through these difficult times.…

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10 June 2020

We are trialling a new booking system for Thursday competition golf. This Wednesday (10th June 2020) the online booking system will be open from 6pm for those players that want to book competition times between 7.03am and 8.41am. Then at 6.15pm, we will open the time sheet for those players who want to book from 8.48am…

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10 June 2020

• 18 Hole Stroke Event • Entries Close Friday 19th June • Entry Fee $25 • No Meal Voucher with 2020 Event Entry fee must be paid to the Golf Shop staff at the time of entry. The event is open to the first 45 pairs (90 players) to pay their entry fee. Draw will be available…

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How And When The Clubhouse Will Open.

29 May 2020

  How and When will the Clubhouse open. The NSW Government has announced that from Monday 1 June 2020, restaurants and cafes across NSW can open in line with guidelines. We are allowed 50 patrons for each dining area taking into account there is 4 square metres per person inside the venue. A dining area is…

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President’s Message

28 May 2020

To all members of Shelly Beach Golf Club, it is an appropriate time to communicate the status on 3 key areas of interest to all members.   What is the financial status of the club? The golf club entered the COVID-19 pandemic with business at record levels, a healthy bank balance and no debt. In March,…

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Captains Report May 14 2020

18 May 2020

  HELLO MEMBERS Last night it was announced by Golf NSW that from Friday the 15th May 2020, we will be allowed to play in fours. This will take considerable pressure off the time sheet. We still will have a problem with the popularity of Saturdays so a live draw will commence at 6pm Friday night.…

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Trial Draw Process – Saturdays Only

30 April 2020

Trial Draw Process - Saturdays Only The Shelly Beach Golf Course Match Committee are well aware of the frustration suffered by members in relation to getting on the competition time sheet.  In particular, the main problem seems to be with the Saturday time sheet. The ‘booking in’ problem has been exacerbated by, Restrictions to two balls…

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Corona Virus Golf Rules – March 2020

2 April 2020

  In accordance with the recommendations of Golf NSW, the following protocols have been implemented in an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid 19 (Corona Virus) whilst golfing. 1. Cashless: Shelly Beach has gone cashless, please pay with your credit card. 2. Bunkers: The bunker rakes have been removed from the bunkers therefore a 30cm…

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6 March 2020

One of the most common errors in short game is where players try to aid the flight of the ball by sliding the club under the ball. They usually do that by flicking their wrists at impact. However, it is extremely ineffective. In fact, it makes it very difficult to hit a good and consistent ball…

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