Relive your best years, with live and loud cover bands specially selected to get the dance floor hopping

Live Entertainment


Sunday, 26th May 2024 Starting from: 2:45 pm

he Kick INXS Show is about celebrating a legacy and the true essence of INXS. Kick pride themselves on delivering the songs of INXS to a modern audience as well as those who grew up with INXS.

KICK provides a full visual experience but focus heavily on what made INXS truly great to begin with – the music. The songs of INXS deserve to be experienced live, with all the energy and excitement that made the songs and INXS so great in the first place.

Kick have been together for over 10 years, and after a short break are now back with the energy, presence and music that made INXS one of the biggest bands in the world.

Kick INXS is one of Australia’s most sort after shows, with full stage production and lighting, and costume changes, this is not just a show its an INXS event !!!