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Slow Play is inconsiderate play. It greatly frustrates golfers and ultimately reduces Club income which can result in fewer improvements to our Course.

Since the Board approved the inception of our Pace of Play Policy towards the end of 2013, over 80 entries have been made on our Slow Play Incident Report (S.P.I.R.) table. SPIR’s have been submitted by Board members, Match Committee members, staff, volunteer Marshall’s and fellow golfers. CCTV has even been used to confirm some of the inconsiderate play.

A copy of a blank SPIR is located on page 16 of our 2014 Golf Programme. If you want something done about slow play, rather than vent your frustration to staff and Board members who did not witness the slow play, complete the form and put your name down as witnessing the slow play.

The simplest and perhaps most accurate way to measure slow play is to note the time the group in front of the slow players leaves a particular point (for example, leaving the 15th green) and then note the time the slow playing group leave this same point. We hit off at 7 minute intervals so 21 minutes equates to being 2 full groups behind their place in the field which is an example of severe slow play.

The Match Committee have been more than fair when reviewing all SPIRS. At this stage letters have been sent to 3 members who have each received 3 separate SPIRS. These members are provided with advice and guidance on numerous strategies and methods to ensure they play at an acceptable pace. If they fail to improve, they face stroke penalties, disqualification, restricted tee times and restricted playing partners.

No one is trying to ruin 1 or 2 groups’ golf experience – just improve the experience for the other 50 or so groups in the field.

Your understanding and support for this policy is appreciated.

All golf members are requested to please make an honest assessment of your golf game and the game of your regular golf partners and endeavor to identify ways you can “Play at a good pace and keep up” as clearly stated in Section 1 of the R&A Rules of Golf.

SBGC Match Committee