junior development program


Shelly Beach Golf Club offers a fantastic Junior Development program for boys and girls under 18 years of age.  Whilst golf is a sport that can be taken up at any age, our Cadets can start as young as 9 years old.

Our Junior Development Program consists of 4 stages.  Progression through the stages is more to do with ability than age.

Stage 1, Cadets (9+ years of age)
Meet nearly every Sunday at 10.30am for up to 9 holes of golf.  Coaching Clinics held about once a month on a Sunday, prior to their 9 holes of golf.  Cadets are introduced to the sport of golf in a friendly, relaxed, pressure-free environment.  They develop essential skills with guidance from Professionals and experienced golfers.  They are given a handicap for their 9 holes and this handicap reduces as they improve.  They compete in Cadet competitions and it is often surprising how quick they improve.

After learning the basic rules and etiquette of golf, our Cadets progress to:

Stage 2, Sub-Junior (still in the Cadet price category)
Sub-Juniors are golfers transitioning from Cadet to Junior.  Shelly Beach has identified that this can often be a daunting step, so to allow for a smooth transition our Sub-Juniors remain playing with the cadets, but play a full 18 hole competition once a month to help prepare for their future.  Sub-Juniors are assigned “Buddies” from our Junior ranks, should they need to get advice from a peer or just need a familiar face to play golf with.  Sub-Junior handicaps continue to be adjusted as they improve.

Stage 3, Junior Member (12 – 17 years of age)
At the start of this stage, many of our Juniors compete in a District “Encourage Shield” event, playing as a team against other golf clubs on the Central Coast.  If successful, they can progress to play against other District winners.

Full Junior Members receive an official A.G.U. handicap and become eligible for competition golf & junior events throughout the year – at any golf course.  Junior training days are conducted and our Juniors are eligible to enter our Junior Pennant Team.  This involves traveling to other courses to play “Match Play” golf where they compete as a team, but in a one on one golf match.  Again, winning teams progress on to play other District winners and ultimately play for a State Pennant.  In 2014, our Shelly Beach Junior team won the Central Coast District Pennant.

Stage 4, Junior Representatives
As our Juniors progress to be single figure golfers (which can sometimes occur in less than 3 years), they are normally chosen to train with the Central Coast Academy of Sport.  Along with Junior Pennants commitments, our best Juniors are chosen for District Representative teams.  Shelly Beach currently have more Juniors in the District Team than any other Central Coast Club, which is a testament  to our successful Junior Development Program. Supportive parents often travel to Junior events which are held all around NSW and Australia.  Juniors competing at these events earn points throughout the year and can see how they are ranked among their peers. Our Club runs fundraising events and endeavors to support our young golfers by way of entry fees to golf competitions and training courses.  Some of our best Juniors then look for sponsorship deals and scholarships with a view towards a career in golf.  Other Juniors continue to enjoy the game of golf, playing in the occasional tournaments, whilst they take on further education and careers outside of golf.

For more information, please contact our Golf Shop on (02) 4332 1103 or email golfshop@sbgc.com.au