general course rules & regulations


Etiquette of the Game

No one should move, talk, stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
No player should play until the group in front is out of range.
In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
A player who has incurred a penalty should intimate the fact to his opponent or marker as soon as possible.
Players while searching for a ball should allow other matches coming up to pass them; they should signal to the players following them to pass, and having given the signal should not continue their play until these players have passed and are out of range.
When the result of a hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the green and should not re-try their putts or practice putting.
All players are requested to carry a sand bucket and to repair all their divots and plug marks on greens.
It is the responsibility of the lowest marker in any match to see that the above points are observed.

Slow Play

Every effort should be made to eliminate slow play which destroys the pleasure of golf. The following measures are suggested to reduce slow play:
Keep up with players in front.
Players should hit off quickly from the tee.
At the tee, the honour should be ignored if a player is not ready to play. Through the green a player should play as soon as they reach their ball if there is no danger to other players.
In stableford and par events, players should pick up their ball when they are unable to score a point or half on a hole.
During play, only a player, the partner and caddies should search for a ball. If others join the search, the following group of players must be called through immediately.
After completing 9 holes, players may not stop at the halfway bar if the next tee is clear.
The stop at the halfway bar is limited to 6 minutes.
A two shot penalty will apply. Rule 6-7 undue delay – slow play.
The Match Committee considers that a round of 18 holes should not take longer than 4 hours 15 minutes including a stop at halfway. Groups taking more than this time may be penalised/disqualified.

Conditions of Competition Play

Competition Field

If for any reason, the field for any competition comprises less than thirty (30) players the Match Committee shall determine whether the concept of the competition be altered or the competition be cancelled.

The Starter

The Starter, acting on behalf of the Committee, will perform all duties laid down by the committee from time to time, and shall act with the full authority of the Committee.
No player may hit off before or after the stipulated times on starting sheets in any competitions, unless prior permission of the Captain, Match Committee Member or General Manager.
Members are reminded to report to the Starter 15 minutes before their hit-off time.
In the event of late arrival, a penalty of two strokes on the first hole may be imposed by the Starter.

Time Sheets

Draws for times on Time Sheets are held at 6.00 pm on Monday night for Tuesday and Thursday and Friday night at 6.00 pm for Saturday and Sunday.
Members are requested that all players who will be playing are placed on the Time Sheet.
If a Member is unable to play on a particular day they must remove their name from the time sheet as soon as possible.
Members who fail to cancel will receive one warning and on subsequent occasions will be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks.
There will be no draw held on a Public Holiday or when a function is scheduled.
Members are reminded to report to the Starter 15 minutes before their hit off time.


All scorecards must be entered on the Touch Screen terminal and placed in the designated chute provided, within 15 minutes after completion of the round. It is the player’s responsibility to see that it is correctly filled in (handicap and membership number included), signed by the marker and countersigned by the player. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification. No alteration may be made on a scorecard after the player has handed it in. The scorecard is the final record for determining results in competitions.

Scratch Events

When a scratch event is held it is the responsibility of the player to enter his scratch score.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile or portable phones by a competitor or his caddie whilst on the golf course, during an event is prohibited. The penalty for breach of this condition is disqualification. If a competitor or his caddie is in possession of a mobile or portable phone it must be turned off. If the phone rings this will be deemed to be in use and the penalty outlined above will apply.


Alcohol is forbidden on the golf course.


No animals to accompany those playing.

Count Back

9 Hole Competition
Last six holes, last three, hole by hole from 9th.

18 Hole Competition
The best score for the last nine holes shall be used. If there is still a tie, the last six holes shall be used and, if still tied, then the last three holes shall be used, then hole by hole scores shall be taken from the 18th hole.

27 Hole Competition
18 hole card to be used, if still a tie, countback as in 18 holes.

36, 54 and 72 Hole Competition
The last 18 holes shall be used and if still tied, the countback as in 18 hole events shall be used.

NOTE : The best score for the last six holes shall be applied in handicap events and a penalty applicable under Rule 3-5 (General Penalty) shall be ignored as far as the count back is applied.

Monthly Medals

Any ties in Monthly Medals will be played off over 18 holes on the next Medal Round.

Local Rules

Out Of Bounds is defined by:
Boundary fences – no free relief;
Boundary posts marked white with black tops – no free relief:
Road curbs marked with white and black.
These areas include the car park, Shelly Beach Road and Club access roads. A ball which crosses a line of boundary markers along Shelly Beach Road or an access road is out of bounds even if it comes to rest on another part of the course.

Marker Stakes

Marker stakes must be treated as immovable obstructions.
Yellow : Define water hazards; Red : Lateral water hazard; White : Ground under repair; White & Green : Ground under repair, protected garden. NOTE : No free relief from boundary posts.
Immovable Obstructions
Clubhouse, maintenance and cart shed, pump house near 3rd green;
Rocks placed on the course including those along Shelly Beach Road;
Staked/tagged trees and tree guards. (Relief must be taken.);
Fairway Watering System control boxes;
Distance markers;
Defined pathways and artificial surfaces. A player is also entitled to relief from artificial surface material that has spread or been applied to areas beyond defined paths, but not grass clippings or corings, unless piled for removal as per Rule 25.
Safety Screens behind 10th green, along 12th boundary fence and on the 9th tee.


(a) Areas defined by white stakes or lines – white/green stakes;

(b) Wheel tracks through the green (not golfing equipment);

(c) All cultivated gardens (relief must be taken);

(d) Players taking relief from G.U.R. areas adjacent to the 18th and 9th green may use the nearest drop zone.

Drop Zones (9th /18th Holes)

Must be used when taking relief (without penalty) from Clubhouse and adjacent gardens and pathways.
Relief must be taken from the Practice Putting Green (use nearest drop zone)
Players playing the 2nd hole must use the nearest drop zone when taking relief from the practice putting green and adjacent pathways and gardens.

Fixed Sprinkler Heads & Fairway Watering Controls

All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 24.2. In addition if such an obstruction on or within two club lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes on the line of play, the player may obtain relief, without penalty as follows :

If the ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and is within two club lengths of the intervening hazard, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which is:

(a) not nearer the hole;
(b) avoids such intervention;
(c) not in a hazard or on a putting green.

Preferred Lies

When in operation may only be taken on defined fairways. The ball shall be marked, lifted, cleaned and placed on the fairway within 15.2 cm (6 inches) from where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.

Embedded Ball

Through the green (when in operation) a ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in ground other than sand, may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty, as near as possible to where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole. (Refer Rule 25-2.)

Aeration Holes

If a ball comes to rest in an aeration hole on the putting green of the hole being played, the player may lift, clean and place the ball at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that avoids such situation.
Tee Markers
Yellow Public and Social Clubs
White Members
Blue Championship

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