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Trial Draw Process - Saturdays Only

Trial Draw Process – Saturdays Only

30 April 2020

Trial Draw Process – Saturdays Only

The Shelly Beach Golf Course Match Committee are well aware of the frustration suffered by members in relation to getting on the competition time sheet.  In particular, the main problem seems to be with the Saturday time sheet.

The ‘booking in’ problem has been exacerbated by,

  1. Restrictions to two balls only under COVID 19 guidelines.
  2. Increased patronage caused by members being off work, and also members using golf as their relief from lockdown.
  3. Members utilising numerous devices to access the time sheet hence clogging the system.
  4. Members making numerous booking under ‘phantom’ names, then swapping into those spots closer to the competition dates.

Clearly items 3) and 4) are against the spirit of a fair draw process and has to be addressed.  The current systems do not restrict such behaviour.
As a result, the match committee will be trialling an ‘virtual’ draw system.  Basically, it is a manual draw which addresses the issue mentioned above.

This trial will be for the draw for Saturday the 16th May 2020. The current on line booking process will continue as normal on Friday the 1st May  drawing for Saturday the 9th May.

How will the trial system work?
Members need to register to be in the draw pool, just like on a Friday night draw.

  • Members can register (2) ways.
  • 1) On Saturday the 2nd May, members (at time of checking in for golf) can nominate to the pro shop their intention to play on Saturday the 16th May hence be part of the draw.  They will need to nominate their playing partner and their preferred earliest time.  Note.  Their partner does not have to register.
  • 2) They can also register or alter their registration (time/partner) at any time prior to 5pm on the Friday the 8th May.
  • A manual draw will be conducted at 6pm Friday the 8th May 2020 and broadcast via Facebook Live on the Clubs Facebook page and then the times loaded onto Micropower. (Please note.  You do not need facebook to assist your chances at getting a spot.  It is merely there so people can watch the draw out of interest.)
  • It is imperative a player indicates their earliest tee time.  If a player indicates 8.00am and 8.00am is not available, then the player must play AFTER 8.00am even if 7.55am is available.


  • This method addresses the matter of persons using multiple devices as every person in the draw has equal chance.
  • IMPORTANTLY.  Once a player has been placed on the draw, if that player or their partner withdraws, the vacancy WILL BE FILLED by the Waiting list.  (No swapping of names)
  • The draw will be closely monitored and any persons who are seen to withdraw on several occasions will be asked to explain their actions and why they should not be excluded from the draw in future.
  • Members do not need FACEBOOK to be part of the process, but the live broadcast will be used to scrutinise the process.
  • Any member missing out completely on the draw will be placed on a waiting list.  If that person misses out completely on a game of golf, then those few will be placed into a pre draw and have first opportunity to the time sheet the next week.


Once you have nominated your preferred time and partner, this can roll on continuously week after week.  However, if you do not intend to play, then please suspend yourself from that weeks draw.  Cancellation once the draw is done will be closely monitored.

These protocols are interim steps to address problems arising from the COVID 19 situation and are correct as at the 29th April 2020.  Govt regulations may change and this whole concept be null and void at any time at the discretion of the Match Committee.

Remember, we are very lucky to be playing our great game anyway.  There is nothing to rush home to do so a later tee time is not the end of the world.


Q.  We have a corporate system, why can’t we just use that?
A.  Our current system cannot guarantee a fair process as it seems some members can always get a time and some members always miss out.

Q,  What about doing the draw on a different time and date to ease congestion?
A. Our system provider advises this will make no difference.

Q.  What if I pull out of competition if I am sick, or its raining heavily? Will I get in trouble?
A. No. There will always be occasions when you need to pull out for valid reasons and that is totally understandable.  What we need to crack down on, is people who book in with no intention of playing, and then swap names into those positions. This pattern will become evident.

Q.  Do I have to re register every Saturday?
A.  No.  If you are happy with the same partner and same time, your spot in the draw pool will continue.

Q  Why cant we do this for every day of the week?
A. Saturdays had been identified as the most problematic day.  Let’s trial this for Saturday and see how we go.

Q. Will this process continue Post COVID 19 regulations?
A.  We are quite sure when Club life begins returning to normality, it will be a staged process, so we will still have restrictions on max number of persons in rooms etc.  In reality, we may have to use a similar system moving forward.

Q.  I nominated 7.00am as my earliest time, yet I was allocated 9.15pm and there was 6.55am available.  Why wasn’t I given 6.55am?
A.  Your earliest possible time nominated was 7.00am and the groups between 7.00am 9.10am were filled. 6.55am is earlier than 7.00am so the nearest possible time AFTER your earliest possible time was 9.15am.  Please have a good think about what you want your earliest possible time to be.

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