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6 July 2020

Hi all,

It is with great pleasure that I write this Captain’s report as it seems we have turned the corner on COVID 19 and heading towards recovery. Fingers crossed we don’t experience a second wave. I would like to thank the members for their support and adherence to COVID 19 guidelines through these difficult times. Our plan was always to do what was recommended by Golf NSW, Dept of Health, and State Government guidelines. Even when some of the social distancing rules seemed strange or contradictory, we as a club stuck to the guidelines and I thank you for it.

The unexpected upside of it all is the demand for golf. We have spent many sleepless hours trying to devise ways in which we could provide a fair and equitable booking system especially for our peak days. Hopefully the changes and amendments were seen as necessary in an unusual time. Rest assured, any changes that you see are the result of countless ‘what if’ questions we have posed to each other.

I am happy to announce that we are back to two persons per cart, but all other COVID 19 rules apply. However, this situation can change weekly, and in some cases, daily.

Thankfully, COVID19 actually came at a time when our golf calendar was relatively slim. With the exception of our Mixed foursomes, very few of our major events were affected. I am pleased that our mixed foursomes was rescheduled and played. To that end I would like to congratulate Jordie Garner and Jo Spears in winning the mixed foursomes and Mark Crowe and Gail McDonald in winning the nett. The event was reduced from 27 holes to 18 in line with COVID 19 principles relating to reducing social interactions.

Our Men’s foursomes will be conducted on the 19th July and entries are open. This event has been shortened also from 36 holes to 27 holes for the A grade, and 27 to 18 holes for the B and C grade.

Our Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG) Greg Chalmers event is going ahead on August 1 and 2. This is the first JNJG Masters event for the rebooted season and the junior field sold out in 47 minutes. The plan is to have 2 juniors play with two of our members in a Junior/AM type format. The event is primarily a 36 hole event and there are daily prizes. Entries open on Friday the 10th July 2020. The Cost is $50 per person for two days and $30 per person for individual days. Preference for entry will go to those who are entering the 36 whole event. The daily competition will then open a week later. JNJG are employing strict guidelines in relation to the event. Gatherings will be monitored, there will be no presentation, and temperatures will be taken of all competitors prior to the event. Your board is very satisfied at the attention to detail the organisers are going to in relation to COVID 19 issues.

The Mens and Ladies Top Gal and Top Gun event are now open. Get in and register and join these fun events.

On the representative scene, our A, B, C Grade and Junior Pennants team competitions were suspended due to COVID 19 and plans are being made to reboot the season. The A, B and C grade will recommence in December and January to finish the season. At time of writing, our Junior Pennants have beaten Toukley to take a lead in the series and under the format, they can’t lose with two games to go so congratulations to those players.

There has been some confusion in relation to our 4th hole so here is a summary.

The entire left side, behind the green and right side of the fairway is a penalty area. The penalty area on the right extends from the dam to near the men’s 18th tee. There are red squares painted on the path. If your ball goes in this area you can drop out, nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole under a penalty of one stroke. Or you can play from the penalty area.  Remember, in a penalty area you can take a practise swing, ground your club, or move loose impediments, BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE A PREFERRED LIE.

The area between the dam and the rock wall is GUR and a compulsory drop is given to avoid players hitting over the rock wall. This is a safety reason.

If a ball fails to negotiate the dam or dam bank and has not crossed the red line, the player may elect to replay the ball from the tee under one shot penalty or take a drop on the tee side of the dam under one shot penalty. In simple terms, the player must keep the dam between themselves and the green.

Hopefully this clears things up. Good golfing.

Peter Sliwinski
Club Captain