Now that the greens are starting to speed up ready for club championships, are you starting to 3 putt more? If you are your speed control on you approach putting is likely to be the issue. Whilst your speed on flat straight putts may be okay, why does it suffer on breaking putts? The simple answer is you are not reading enough break. The more break we read, the more we start the ball up into the slope allowing it to die softly back towards the hole even on downhill putts.

To help reading putts try to imagine water flowing on the green surface. Water flows faster on a smooth surface than a rough one and flows faster downhill the greater the slope. The faster the water flows the more break you should allow. Using this imagery will allow you to find the “FALL LINE” as the American commentators call it. Simply put, it is where straight down hill is and the ball has the best chance of entering the hole not sliding past the front edge of the hole. Seeing where the ball needs to enter the hole helps show the line of the putt more clearly.

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Jason Hart