Playing in windy conditions:

Windy days on the course can present a difficult challenge. Knowing how to to adapt to breezy conditions will give you an edge over other golfers.

Here are some tips to conquer the wind during your round:

Don’t view the wind as a bad thing
You have to accept that it’s part of the game. The wind is actually great because you get to practice being creative with your shots.
Swing easy
Many people believe that you need to swing harder in order to beat the windy conditions, but this is wrong! The harder you hit, the more backspin. Try swinging at about 70% – 80%. It’ll help your shot go lower and avoid the dreadful backspin that could make your ball land short.
Don’t lean into the wind during your swing
Leaning in during your swing will create a steep swing path, which isn’t good because having an open club face isn’t ideal. Squat a bit lower for stability and resist the urge to fight the wind.
Keep the ball’s flight path low
The higher the ball goes, the more of a chance the wind is going to affect your ball. Play the ball about an inch back from normal in your stance and make and focus on sweeping the ball forward.
Playing a crosswind from the tee
Set up your ball on the side of the tee box opposite from where the wind is blowing. This will maximize the amount of room you have to effectively play the wind.

Jason Hart