Think about where your swing finishes.

Amateur golfers often spend much of their focus on where the ball goes, but the results of a given swing can be misleading and worrying too much about it can be counter-productive.

Every golfer longs for a consistent, repeatable swing that will provide good results time and again.

Let’s think about where you’re finishing. Do you finish with your club over your shoulder and the majority of your weight firmly on your front foot or is your finish different with each swing and you often find yourself needing to regain your balance?

If you are the latter, you need to try to find a consistent finishing point.

A balanced finish is a tell-tale sign that your swing is dialled on where it should be.

The good news is, finding that right finish does not require a swing overhaul, more a matter of thought.

Focus on your weight, flowing to your leg through the swing and your club finishing relatively high. “Finish high to hit it high” – Tom Watson. This should help produce a higher, more consistent ball flight.

Jason Hart