Congratulations to our Gold Member Jan Stephenson who has been nominated for induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame next year. Jan thoroughly deserves this honour with her outstanding career and prominent profile in the golfing community worldwide. She created the precedent of success which inspired so many Australian golfers to take up the challenge of an international golf career. We owe her a debt of gratitude and could not be more proud of her achievements. It is always great to see her back here at the Club.

Our Championships were concluded under an extreme weather threat, with Round Two completely washed out. Jamie Stephen cemented a memorable win with an amazing 66 in Round Three, with Corey Jones coming in runner-up. Congratulations to all participating members in this pinnacle Club Event. While the rain certainly caused some difficulties it also nevertheless enabled Course staff to bring the playing condition up to an exceptional level and this was widely commented upon. The Ladies also completed their Championships, with Kim Burke continuing her outstanding playing career. Kim is one of the outstanding Senior Amateur golfers in the country, and also serves us well in our own Club as the Lady Patron. Breaking news is that Kim just won the 2018 Senior Women’s Amateur Order of Merit. Congratulations from all the members. Jeanette Arkins was runner-up in the Club event. Both Captains will no doubt have full coverage of the championships in their reports.

The AGM is scheduled for Monday, November 19th, at 7.00pm. A reminder to all members that any questions in relation to Finance in particular need to be handed to the GM in writing 7days prior to the meeting. This will ensure accurate responses based on the necessary data. Anything requiring detailed analysis will otherwise be taken on notice. All members have received information about an updated Constitution which will also be voted on as a Resolution at the meeting and provide certainty going forward in relation to requirements under the Registered Clubs Act. This is an important step.

The donations of items for Drought Relief have all been delivered to the Central North farming communities around Tamworth and Gunnedah. Fergus Taylor drove out and co-ordinated with local School Chaplains and ensured the assistance went to so many who really appreciated both the help and the thought. It meant a lot. The Club acknowledges the role played by Fergus as the co-ordinator for that area and will consider further projects at a future date.

While I will leave the actual details of our financials to the GM in this Newsletter and the Treasurer and Auditor at the AGM, I am very pleased to report on the continuing positive trend across the last three months in terms of our broad income streams. Decisions taken over the last financial year have been in the best interests of the Club and members and have resulted in the right outcomes which will underpin future decisions. We can never become laissez-faire about our position because things can change on a whim, however we will be heading into the 2019 holiday period with optimistic expectations in all areas.

The Club has recently received notification from the Liquor and Gaming Authority. This was referred to in the Auditors report under note 23, contingent liabilities and note 26, events after the reporting period. With regard to outcomes for the Shelly Beach Golf Club, there has been a submission made to the Chairperson of the Liquor and Gaming authority. We await the outcome which at this time has not been decided. There may be a requirement for the Club to pay the costs of the investigation and there is potential for a monetary penalty to be placed on the former Secretary and the Club. The Board has sought advice and will communicate the outcome when determined.

Many of us were impacted by the passing of a true character in Harry Duckitt. He had a natural connection with so many members and will be sorely missed by all, especially while having a few beers on a Saturday afternoon. Vale Harry, and as Cecillie said you now know the answer to the question.

As this is my last Pin High report, let me thank all those members who have supported me over the years, and I am confident that the Board and Management will continue to run the Club according to Governance principles for the benefit of all. This will include objective assessments of all opportunities going forward. This is a great club and can only get better with universal support.

Good golfing and good health to all.

Allan Arkins