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10 May 2019

I am pleased to report that trading continues to be buoyant with revenue to the end of the 3rd quarter up 10% at $6.7 million and profit up nearly $400,000 above last year’s loss of <$36,000>.

This year’s trading result provides great foundation to implement the strategic initiatives contained in the 3-year plan that will be communicated to members via an extensive program on various communication media.

The communication process will commence on Monday the 27th of May with a member’s information night and I would encourage you to attend the evening to listen about the exciting times ahead for Shelly Beach Golf Club.

Autumn has arrived and whilst that see’s the outdoor entertainment program goes on hold until Spring, it also heralds the start of a period where golf course improvements can commence.

I previously communicated to members in February that whilst we were not able to reveal the full strategic plan, that the board had approved the followed works program to commence in the autumn and winter of 2019 as part of its 3-year strategic plan.

• The fairway coring machine was purchased, and the fairways have been renovated which we have all felt the pain of, however there is no gain without pain and I look forward to the improved playing surfaces in weeks to come because of this process.

• Clearing of the gardens has commenced and I would like to thank the member volunteers working with George Irwin on the great job they are doing in this area.
•The greenside bunker reconstruction on the 2nd and 11th holes are planned for June and July.

The balance of works program identified in the year 1 of the strategic plan will commence in August and September.

• Mainline down to the 16th and 6th holes.
• Improved surrounds on the 2nd green and 3rd green.
• Improved apron and surrounds around the 13th.
• Improved fairway on the 8th.

I communicated verbally in recent weeks that we had received a $115,000 grant for drainage on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 18th fairways and work associated with this project will be planned once we understand the grant timing and DA approval of the toilet on the 4th Tee.

Between our golf course budget, Board approved expenditure and the grant for the drainage this supports significant improvements to the course and is sure to keep the golf course staff very busy over the coming year.

In closing I look forward to presenting the strategic plan for the next 3 years to you all on Monday the 27th of May.

Malcolm Sheldon