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21 May 2019

Welcome to the June edition of Pin High.

I would like to thank the staff and members who attended in high numbers to our information meeting on Monday the 27th of May where the 3-year strategic plan was released.

The plan has been released at a time when there is considerable consolidation in the golfing landscape. We have seen Hudson Park in Sydney, Cessnock and Morisset  golf courses all close in the last 4-6 weeks plus a series of course amalgamations being considered in NSW and Victoria.

Golf courses are very expensive to maintain and enhance unless you have high fee structure or a wealthy beneficiary, however we are in a great position financially with no one segment of the club dominating our revenue streams, we have a very balanced product and service offering which we believe we can continue to grow to deliver our vision of aspiring to be the best golfing and social experience on the central coast for our members and the community. The strategic plan is all about you, our members.

One of our members, the 2017 Club Champion Jordan Garner leaves on Friday to play in the following amateur tournaments:
• The St Andrews Trophy.
•The British Amateur @ Royal Portmarnock in Ireland.
• The European Amateur in Austria.
• A Golf Australia camp in Houston Texas.
• The Players Amateur in Carolina.
• US Amateur Qualifier.
• Pacific Coast Amateur in New Mexico.
• Western Amateur in Michigan.
• US Amateur if he qualifies.

I’m sure we all wish him well and we will all monitor his progress via the Jordie Challenge organised by our lady board members Toni McSweeney and Susan Eastway to raise donations to support travel expenses, accommodation and event costs.

Also, in the coming weeks we have the Joshua Brown and Wes Bourne charity golf days, I encourage you to support these days because they are both tremendous causes.

Malcolm Sheldon