Welcome to the January 2019 edition of Pin High.

2018 was a year where the club:

• Made improvements to the 10th and 13th tee blocks.
• Upgraded the irrigation around the 7th and 14th greens.
• Invested in a new mowing equipment for the greenside aprons.
• Refurbished the member lounge.
• Upgraded the entertainment on offer to members.
• Stabilized the restaurants operations.

All these initiatives have resulted in the golf course looking as good as I have seen since becoming a member and the club returning to profitability.

2019 will be a year where we develop, communicate and start implementing a new 3-year strategic plan using the sound financial base built in 2018.

The planning process commenced in late December with:

• A draft vision has been created, the vision is aspirational as we know as a board we can enhance the value proposition we provide to our members.
• A list of strategic initiatives that requires an investment program to deliver the vision.
• Those initiatives spread across all areas of the club’s operations, from the club house itself to our cadet and junior program.
• The next step in the planning process will be to develop the club’s values, check the strategic initiatives are in-line with our vision and values and then identify how we fund the investment program.

The planning process has been hindered by the Christmas / New Year holidays, however I believe we are on track to communicate and gain your input on the strategic plan either in the last week of February or the 1st week of March.

I would like to thank all of our staff for all their arduous work this year, as member and President it is greatly appreciated.

In closing I would like to wish members, staff and all your families a happy new year.

Malcolm Sheldon