Welcome to the February edition of Pin High.

December’s trading results continued the improvement seen in previous months with Revenue of $992,000 and an EBIT of $127,000.

There is not one single reason for the improved operating results, it is a mixture of the following:
1. Prudent control of expenditure.
2. An increase in quality and the frequency of entertainment, particularly live music.
3. Well promoted mid – week raffles.
4. The Club House soft refurbishment.

Those initiatives coupled with excellent weather attracting a large tourist population on the coast, enabled our Golf, Bar and Restaurant operations to deliver excellent trading results.

The increased club house population put considerable strain on our infrastructure, our strategic plan will include investment in the short term to increase our infrastructure to be prepared for the same period next year.

We will also conduct a full review of the Christmas Eve Carols that has out grown the club’s infrastructure and our ability to operate in a compliant manner. The review will consist of but not limited to reducing the size of the event and the requirement for a dedicated event management team on the evening.

Looking onward to 2019 we have continued trade well through January, and we continue to promote our live entertainment program through February and March with the following tribute bands booked for the period.

• Cold Chisel
• Foo Fighters
• Bon Jovi
• U2

Put the 17th of February (Bon Jovi Tribute Band) in your diary as this concert will held outdoors along with 3rd of March (INXS Tribute Band). On the golfing front the Las Vegas Shootout and Volkswagen Scramble will be held on 22nd and 24th of February respectively.

The golf course entered the top 100 golf course with public access for the first time in the January edition on Golf Australia debuting at 86.

Lots of good news I am sure you would agree, but we are not losing sight that we have many areas in the club where we need the improvement process to continue.

Malcolm Sheldon