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21 May 2019

The rainfall for May 2019 was 13mm at the time of writing. The average rainfall in May in this region is 133mm. The year to date total is 453mm compared to the 5 month average of 482.7mm.

The Bureau of Meteorology climate outlook for May-July 2019 are for warmer than average days and nights. The forecast of drier days could bring more cloud free nights increasing the chance of frosts in susceptible areas.

The cultural tasks scheduled for greens in the month of June are as follows;
• Verti-drain with solid 12mm tines.
• Verti-cut and dust with appropriate sand.
• Apply Intercept (Ethephon). This product is part of SBGC Poa annua management plan. Ethephon is a contraceptive treatment for the prevention of seed head emergence of Wintergrass (Poa annua).

The areas that have been cleared of low vegetation that are in play will be turfed with Kikuyu in the month of June/July.

1. Alongside 2nd green side bunkers. This will be turfed at the same time as the bunkers undergo re-construction.
2. Between 5th green and 6th championship tee.
3. In front of 6th tee.
4. Along driveway and behind 13th green.
5. In front of 14th tee.
The ongoing areas to be cleared are;
1. Between 2nd middle tee and 1st apron.
2. Continue around and in front of the 9th tees.
3. Around the seat between 14th green and 15th tee.
4. Western side of 16th tee path. Irrigation line/sprinklers will be install in this location in August 2019.
5. In July, the plant growth along the eastern side of holes 5 and 6 will be trimmed to expose the out of bounds markers.

The capital projects scheduled over the next 2 months are;
1) 11th green side bunker re-construction. This project will commence in June.
a) Front left bunker – Half of the bunker will be filled in (northern end) and the shape will change to a pot style bunker. The bunker base will be shelled out and drainage installed. The water will be transported via pipes to the existing drainage sump located front right of the green. A bunker matting will be installed to help keep the sand on the bunker face during wet weather as well as segregate the natural sand/clay to the imported white sand. The height differential between turf surface and bunker base will remain the same.
b) Back bunker – This bunker will decrease in size as well. The eastern side will be filled in, leaving a pot style bunker. As with the front bunker, drainage will be installed as well as cloth and new sand. The existing height between base and green surface will not change.
2) 2nd Green side bunkers and surround. This bunker reconstruction is scheduled to start and be completed in July. As with the 11th bunkers, the size and shape will change. The existing bunkers will be re-constructed into 4 pot style bunkers. The differential between turf surface and bunker base will not change. The same process described above about the 11th bunkers will be carried out on these bunkers. The front 3 bunkers will drain into the existing drainage sump located in front of the bunkers as you play, whilst the back bunker will drain into the existing drainage sump located at rear of green. The green surround on the western side (between green and 3rd tee) will be re-shaped and turfed during this time.

Just a reminder, can we please keep golf carts off the tees and at least 10 metres away from the greens. If this is adhered too, the playing surfaces around the greens and tees would improve significantly.

Andrew Banning