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21 May 2019

Welcome to my Captain’s report.

As mentioned in last month’s report, with the clearing of scrub around the course, the knock-on effect will be some changes to our penalty areas. Our definition of penalty areas is this,
“Any area identified by red stakes, red lines, or any garden or vegetated area with wood chip or remnants of woodchip present.”

There are many areas where this definition does not apply due to the clearing of the ‘vegetated’ area. Behind 13 is a great example. Work has not been completed there so in the interim it is marked GUR and will be eventually turfed and not be a penalty area.

Our Masters Pennant team have been narrowly pipped by a strong Wyong Team at Wyong after beating Breakers the week before. Wyong look poised to win the Division.

Jordie Garner has returned from a great interstate series in Tasmania. Jordie had a great series with more than a fair share of wins. Unfortunately, NSW lost the series in a ‘countback’ to Victoria which is an unfortunate way of determining a result considering teams have slogged it out all week playing 36 holes every day.

Jordie has a huge year coming up criss crossing the globe from Europe to the USA and unfortunately these great honours do not come with funding. To assist Jordie, Board members Toni McSweeney and Susan Eastway have set a fund-raising tipping contest whereby participants will be able to guess Jordie’s lowest round in each event. The winner will get $500, and the more participants, the more money raised for Jordie. More information is available at the front desk.

You would have heard by now about the closure of Morisset Golf Club. This follows the closure of Cessnock Golf Club and is very concerning for all. Most clubs in the District have reached out to Morisset members to assist them in time of need. The news is very sad for the 700 odd members. Morisset was a great course and Shelly Beach were very successful in winning numerous Pennants around that great layout.

Unfortunately, now we have also heard about Kincumber Driving Range. Proprietor Lee Akers is an ex-employee of SBGC and all-round nice fellow. We have just heard that council are to up his lease by $1000 per week due to a third party ‘claim’ on his driving range. Driving ranges are a gateway to golf. In an age when we want to encourage kids to play golf and get away from computer screens, what are we doing to encourage them?

Your Board will continue to work hard and keep SBGC prosperous and a great golfing experience for all. Enjoy your course and its facilities.

Peter Sliwinski