Well a month has passed under the new rules and I’m glad to report the sky has not fallen in. In fact I’m quite happy how we have transitioned to the new rules. Round durations have reduced due to the new rules (putting with flag in etc) and personally I am enjoying the new rules.

What I am particularly happy about is that we had the courage to implement all the rules plus the additional local rules (out of bounds, lost ball). The vast majority of clubs around NSW are in ‘wait and watch’ mode and are reviewing clubs that have adopted the rules. Please feel free to let me know of any dramas or issues with the local rules so I can keep a record of them.

Our Pennant season has kicked off with our mixed team being narrowly beaten in the first two rounds but then had a good win in the third round. They then backed this up with a win at home and look forward to the remaining home games.

A Grade had a crushing win over Terrigal however both B and C grade had narrow losses. Our juniors won their first game also.

Jordie Garner continues with some great results. He came Runner up in the State Medal which is impressive, but even more impressive when you consider it took an international player to beat him.

Sadly our 14th green has succumbed to disease thanks to a combination of high humidity, higher than expected nightly temps and poor air circulation in that part of the course. A decision has been made to play a temporary green to reduce stress on that green and speed up recovery.

Good golfing for the month

Peter Sliwinski